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Sensory soft play is very popular with children. It provides a safe and fun environment for them to explore and develop their skills. It allows young children to interact and develop essential life skills.
Sensory soft play refers to activities that stimulate a child's senses, including their sense of balance and awareness of their own body and surroundings.
There are many benefits of sensory soft play for children, from improving their physical abilities to the way they communicate with others.
Soft play encourages motor development. Children can work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling without fear of injury. Having an open space with good sensory lighting can provide the sensory motor diet needed to move and learn.
By providing children with the opportunity to use the sensory soft play the can extend their Personal, Social, Emotional, Physical and Creative development. This also allows them to explore the environment and extend their language skills.
Security is another advantage of soft play for kids. When in a safe, sensory space, children can feel more secure within themselves. This can encourage movements and interactions which ordinarily might prove to be a challenge. As they become more confident, these skills can be transferred into the outside world.

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